HB PROTECTIVE WEAR WASHING The numbers stated in the wash tub correspond to the maximum washing temperatures and must not be exceeded. The single bar below the wash tub requires mild treatment with reduced washing amount and low speed during spin-drying. The double bar means very mild treatment with reduced mechanical load (e.g. wool). IRONING The points state the temperature ranges of adjustable irons. PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANING The letters are intended for the textile care person. They state the applicable solvents. The bar below the circle requires limitation of mechanical load, moisture addition and/or temperature when cleaning. TUMBLE DRYING The points state the drying level in the tumble dryer. BLEACHING Chlorine or oxygen bleach allowed Drying in tumble dryer possible– normal drying Drying in tumble dryer possible– gentle drying Do not dry in tumble dryer Only oxygen bleached allowed/ no chlorine bleach Do not bleach 60 95 40 60 40 40 30 30 30 Normal wash cycle Normal wash cycle Normal wash cycle Gentle wash cycle Gentle wash cycle Special gentle wash cycle Normal wash cycle Hand wash Gentle wash cycle Do not wash Special gentle wash cycle NOTE ON FLEECE MATERIAL Fleece material may produce lint initially, depending on the design. This will stop after a few washes. NOTE ON FLUORESCENT COLOURS Fluorescent colours which are constantly exposed to UV radiation will fade more quickly. High-visibility clothing should therefore not be stored in direct sunlight. F P F P Normal procedure Gentle procedure Gentle procedure No dry cleaning Normal procedure Hot ironing (200 °C) Moderately hot ironing (150 °C) Do not iron No hot ironing (110 °C)– careful ironing with steam PROFESSIONAL WET CLEANING This symbol identifi es articles that can be treated by wet cleaning procedures. It is stated in the second line below the symbol for dry cleaning. The bars below the circle require limitation of mechanical load during wet cleaning. The double bar identifies an even milder procedure. W Normal procedure W Gentle procedure W Special gentle procedure W No wet cleaning 235 ©HB PROTECTIVE WEAR