HB PROTECTIVE WEAR EDITORIAL Dear Readers, Business Partners and Customers, 21 April 2019 represents an important date for our industry, as it marks the end of the transi- tional period for the introduction of the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. This places greater responsibility on all economic players involved in the production and sale of PPE, in- cluding manufacturers, dealers, importers and textile service companies. The new labelling require- ments in particular, which even importers will be requi- red to observe going forward, should ultimately improve consumer protection and in- crease transparency. This will allow customers in the EU to feel confident that they are purchasing certified PPE that complies with standards in an increasingly globalised market. HB Protective Wear has been manufacturing its products in line with the requirements of the new regulation since 2017. It also goes without saying that we have been printing the necessary CE marking, the specification of the standard with issue date, and even the production order number on the sewn-in label for considerably longer. So you really can count on HB when it comes to transparency. And innovation, too. Just take our “HB READY TO WEAR” service, for example. This concept, which is unique throughout Europe, allows even small and medium-sized companies to put together their own, individual PPE that complements their company colours and which is suited for industrial laundry. Choose from four products of the HB-SecureAllround ® pro- duct line in 216 colour combi- nations, as well as 12 equip- ment versions and 28 sizes. Put together, this amounts to over 1,000 possible combina- tions. Everything can even be configured online and delivered within 21 days. Visit www.hb-ready-to-wear.com for more information. We have also significantly extended our range of Flammgard ® day shift clothing for fire brigades. This now includes our new jackets for technical assistance, which feature meticulously manufac­ tured reflective stripes in line with DGUV standards. With all of this in mind, I hope you enjoy exploring our product range and wish you a safe working experience no matter where you are or what you’re doing! BE SAFE. WE CARE. Sincerely, Klaus Berthold CEO Owner of HB Protective Wear 03 ©HB PROTECTIVE WEAR